Teddybear Balloon Valentine

Teddybear Balloon Valentine

 How could you 'bear' to say "no" to this face?

This lovable, hug-able little guy with colorful flair ribbons will "wow" your special someone! We fill the box with full sized candy bars and gourmet valentine treats. Premium mylar ballon will hold it's shape far longer that cheap latex versions.

This unique valentine will steal your Valentine's heart at a very affordable price!

Three sizes to fit every budget. Choose the small version for a tight budget, or upgrade the snack contents to Medium or Large to make a very big valentine!

 (medium $46 bouquet shown)

Small Teddybear Balloon Valentine:  $36.00 
Medium Teddybear Balloon Valentine:  $46.00 
Large Teddybear Balloon Valentine:  $56.00