Roses-n-Kisses Valentine

Roses-n-Kisses Valentine

We've brought back this 2018 Valentines's Day "Best Seller" to shower your valentine with loving kisses.

Each brilliant red silk rose holds a sweet chocolate kiss for your sweetheart. Large glass heirloom vase is filled with over 1 pound of milk chocolate kisses too!

These premium silk roses require no watering and will last long after the sweet chocolate kisses have been "plucked" from them.

Three sizes to fit every budget. Choose the small 6-rose version for a tight budget, or upgrade to the 12-rose Medium or 18-rose Large. 

(medium 12-Rose bouquet shown)

Small 6 Roses-n-Kisses Valentine:  $40.00 
Medium 12 Roses-n-Kisses Valentine:  $50.00 
Large 18 Roses-n-Kisses Valentine:  $60.00