Polka Dot Boot Cookies Valentine

Polka Dot Boot Cookies Valentine

 Delicious fresh baked cookies in a whimsical ceramic boot create a unique valentine gift.

 Heirloom polka dot boot will be used long after cookies are enjoyed. Great choice for your mother, grandmother, or close friend. Colorful ribbons and bold enhancements make a big impression at a reasonable price.

Three sizes to fit every budget. Choose the small 6-cookie version for a tight budget, or upgrade the 12-cookie Medium or 18-cookie Large version to make a very big valentine!

 (medium 12-cookie $45 bouquet shown)

Small Polka Dot Boot 6-Cookie Valentine:  $35.00 
Medium Polka Dot Boot 12-Cookie Valentine:  $45.00 
Large Polka Dot Boot 18-Cookie Valentine:  $55.00