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By adding "if you've already reviewed the item," you're giving the customer a chance to save face. If they didn't leave their promised review, they still have the opportunity to review and send you the link after the fact. These strategies work but you'll have to work to make it work. If you set a goal for 25 reviews and only get 12 that is not bad. It's better than zero and if your product is differentiated well, there is no reason it should not take off selling with just a few solid reviews.

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You can make money from Amazon Prime on your own website, by selling products talking about how you can buy a bunch of stuff from Amazon, you can get some Amazon

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Read more: Inside the War on Fake Consumer Reviews Amazon has also been working with Meta to address the issue of review solicitation groups. Meta has taken down over half of the more than 10,000 groups reported by Amazon since 2020 and is continuing to investigate others.

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Lesson 2 – reviews are not as real as we thought. Reviews with pay at property booking can easily be manipulated. As travellers we have become so reliant on booking sites like and Airbnb. Just this week Airbnb has been in the news about guests finding hidden cameras in their apartments, a very concerning issue for family travellers.

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