$$ Cash $$ Bouquet

cash bouquet 

Candy is dandy but money is even better! Let your loved one buy their own birthday gift with your generous cash arranged in a unique flower-like bouquet arrangement.

We will choose one of many porcelain or glass mugs to fill with your cash "flowers" plus a premium choice of candy treats.

Three sizes to fit every budget. All three use the same mug-base, with the small size including $20 cash, medium $50 cash and the large has $100 cash. We can include even more cash if you wish, please call us (479) 872-8721 to discuss your needs.

(medium $50 Cash bouquet shown)

Small $20 Cash Bouquet:  $45.00 
Medium $50 Cash Bouquet:  $75.00 
Large $100 Cash Bouquet:  $125.00